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Baanyan Tree Funds Now 2017

BAANYAN TREE FUNDS NOW 2017 - a knowledge seminar was hosted by Baanyan Tree in Association with KMA to promote a culture of empowered entrepreneurship in Kerala. The seminar was conducted as part of a Seminar Series in keeping with Baanyan Tree's vision of guiding businesses in Kerala and providing a platform for an actual business generation, exposure and expert mentoring. The delegates benefited from practical expert knowledge on fundraising strategy and building an investment-friendly company. BT FUNDS NOW 2017 provided an opportunity to meet real-time investors, successfully invested companies and industry experts to build the best company and how to attract the best investment partner. The full-day seminar covered aspects fundamental to successfully building a growing company and securing private equity funding for business. The sessions were conducted by a world-class panel of industry professionals and field experts.

Development Through Theatre- Workshop

The Baanyan Tree Theatre Workshop was a 5 day immersive camp from 18th to 22nd April 2017, designed for children of ages 8 to 17. At Baanyan Tree, we work towards enabling the youth of the country to grow into capable, self-driven and contributing citizens. We believe theatre to be the most effective and impactful way to achieving this goal.

Corporate Experience Program -2017

The Baanyan Tree Corporate Experience Program provided an opportunity for giving a real-time exposure to students and guide them early to be industry ready. Students from schools got an exposure to the real corporate world and to understand the real-life implications of lessons learned in classrooms.

Corporate Experience -Dec 2016
For the 2016 edition, we worked with leading businesses in the state to provide customer designed internship programs for the participants. Each program was specially designed along with the company and the projects developed were showcased at a Graduation ceremony that was attended by corporates as well as educational institutions.

Participating companies included:

  • Hospitality Business Crowne Plaza
  • Healthcare services - Sunrise Hospital
  • Media and Advertising - Identity Ads
  • Media and publishing - FWD Life
  • Corporate Experience - May 2017

For the 2017 Edition, we worked on further developing the student development aspect and ensured all student reeve exposure to highly specialized work in each field and interact with senior professionals at their work place. The projects for each student was decided along with the participating companies. The Graduation Showcase ceremony was held in the city with eminent personalities, form the education, corporate field attending and the participants presenting their technical projects.

Participating companies included:
  • Hospitality Sector - Marriott
  • Real Estate and infrastructure - Confident Group
  • Information Technology - MobME Wireless

Women Leadership Seminar - 2017

The Seminar aimed to equip women with the result oriented tools and tap their unique abilities, to successfully navigate the corporate world. The seminar was designed for Women - Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Students. The Seminar included leading experts, immersive workshops, experience sharing, and discussions..

Own Your Business

Own Your Business - The day-long event was focused on Aspiring and Early Stage Businesses. The workshop helped to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential tools and awareness needed to build a successful business.

The Talent Showcase

The Talent Showcase had our mentees showcasing their talents and the Indian States. The Talent Showcase was competitive in nature where each class would have been raising funds independently by showcasing their allotted 'State' in the best possible way. Each class has been assigned a state (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya), which they were representing. All proceeds raised from the event had gone towards work at the Government Children's Home, through Raising Our Voices Foundation.

The Leaders' Summit

The Leaders' Summit brought together eminent personalities from various fields to interact and provide a real-time exposure to our students. Through the Leaders' Summit, we bring our students closer to their aspirations and goals. This initiative also helps bring Baanyan Tree closer to achieve our vision of bridging the wide gap between school life and professional aspirations.