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Our Services

Business and Financial Advisory

Baanyan Tree has been at the forefront of providing organization path breaking support and services.

Every organization is unique with their own set of goals and challenges. Hence, we design and provide targeted performance growth through customized strategy, investment, and implementation.

Baanyan Tree services cover the complete spectrum of requirements and steps to achieve successful organizational growth & efficiency.

We support companies with experienced financial, strategic and operational experts with the right knowledge and tools to manage risks.

Businesses have unique challenges that are not easily solved and require exceptional expertise from outside participants accustomed to delivering high performance.

Baanyan Tree provides the needed expertise to save the company time and money and helps build companies in scale, operations and revenue.

Business Engineering

Baanyan Tree offers business solutions for developing and implementing a business model and designing internal business processes and organizational structures.

Baanyan Tree undertakes projects on various aspects of business operations including:

  • Performance and Advanced Analytics
  • Business Model Development
  • Corporate Financial Structuring
  • Management structuring
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Intellectual Property and Legal Advice
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Project Implementation
  • Scalability and Sustainability Methods

Business Model Development

Baanyan Tree work with companies for developing detailed business models for expansion and new businesses. These models include detail methods, strategy, operations, value systems and core competencies. We also work with companies on perfecting specific aspects of a business model, including:

  • Business Operations Model
  • Management Structur
  • Financial Engineering
  • Revenue Model

Baanyan Tree works with companies on building strategy and operational models that typically include:

  • Scalability of business
  • Financial robustness of firm
  • Detailing of operational activities
  • Revenue generation framework
  • Identified revenue sources
  • Value proposition of the business

Business / Financial Re-Engineering

Baanyan Tree focuses on challenges that arise from transformation and scaling up of a business. Business re-engineering requires developing dimensions of a new business from a whole new perspective. This service will typically include supporting companies through following aspects:

  • Business Process Transformation
  • Corporatisation of firm
  • Operations Model
  • Existing business analysis
  • Detailed resource analysis and planning
  • Identify systems and processes
  • Change management

Business Restructuring

Baanyan Tree works with companies that are looking for a change or complete overhaul.
Typically firms reach certain junctures in their growth, where a complete overhaul is required, Baanyan tree hand holds companies through this stage to achieve following milestones:

  • Complete transformation of operation methods to achieve higher efficiency
  • Shift scale of operations to effectively utilize resources
  • Scale up business and operations to a larger size
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Corporatization of existing operations
  • Management team restructuring
  • Equity Structuring
  • Operational efficiency
  • Efficient shift business focus and operations

Fundraising and Private Equity Strategy

Baanyan Tree supports firms and start-ups through the crucial Fundraising Stage.

We design highly customized Fundraising Strategy that will effectively meet the client’s funding and growth requirements. Most importantly our solutions will ensure the company’s continued health and avoid all common pitfalls most companies face while raising and after raising outside capital.

Services offered include:

  • Investor profiling
  • Business showcasing
  • Post investment and investment exi
  • Negotiating Investment and Funding Support
  • Designing fundraising strategy
  • Communication and negotiation support to Investee Company
  • Due diligence of investee companies for prospective investors
  • Deal and negotiation for investor or investee client

Investment Advisory

Baanyan Tree works and supports investors in identifying and building their investment portfolio. We work with the following investors across investment scale and sector:

  • Individual Investors
  • Group of investors
  • Institutional Investors

Given the management teams extensive experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital, we support investors through the following services and support system:

  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Structuring investments
  • Building investment portfolios
  • Conducting due diligence on prospective investments

Social Enterprise - Mentoring Program

As part of our central mission to give back to society, we design and conduct Mentorship Programs to fill the gap in the current education system through custom innovative methods developed by experts and industry professionals .

Baanyan Tree conducts the following programs

  • 1. Student Mentorship Program
  • 2. Graduate Mentorship & Development Program
  • 3. Professional Mentorship Program

With these programs, Baanyan Tree raises awareness about the importance of informed personal development, career planning and helps individuals to a successful and happy life.

STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM understands and respects every student's difference in aptitude, dreams, and background. Baanyan Tree identifies these individual preferences and provides a roadmap to guide students through a series of interactive sessions.

GRADUATE MENTORSHIP & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is designed to work with students to make them Corporate and Career Ready.

PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is specially designed for professionals / mid-level professionals that comprises of all the answers a young professional needs to jumpstart or shift careers.